Jamaica Food Entrepreneurship And Services Training Space Application
(Jamaica FEASTS)
The NYC Economic Development Corporation and Queens Borough Public Library have collaborated to create the Jamaica Food Entrepreneurship and Services Training Space (Jamaica FEASTS).

Registration is now closed.

We will contact the applicants that have been selected for the interview process. Thank You!
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Years of professional experience in the food industry? *

Position(s) held? *

Business History & Information:

Are you currently or have you ever been self-employed and/or a business owner (not limited to food businesses)?  *

Was/is it a food services business? *

If no, what type of business? *

What was/is the name of your business? *

Is your business registered in NYS? *

If yes, what is the legal structure? *

How long has this business been in operation? *

Format: Years, Months
Is it still open? *

If it is a food business, please answer 9a through 9d:

If it is NOT a food business, please continue to 10
Do you have your Food Handler’s Certification?

Do you have a Food Establishment permit?

Do you have a Tax ID number?

Do you have any employees?

Please indicate two (2) specific areas you would like to learn/improve on through this program? *

What is the food business area? (i.e. Food Truck, Beverage Company, Baked goods, etc.) *

Brief description of food business concept: *

Will this business be your full time job or a way to earn extra money? Explain. *

Where will you prepare the food? *

Where will you sell your product (e.g., community events, food markets, a bodega or store, etc.)? *

Who is your target customer (age, culture, career, needs, wants)? *

What steps, if any, have you taken towards launching your business?

Please read carefully.
Acquired Food Handlers Certificate: *

Written a business plan: *

Researched your market: *

Checked your credit report: *

Registered the business: *

Applied for/secured financing: *

Located an appropriate space: *

Set up an accounting system: *

Applied for permits/licenses: *

Please provide a sample menu for your proposed food business and/or a list of products/services you’d sell.

Use the written space below or upload your menu in the following section. If you will be uploading your menu, please write "see uploaded menu" in this section. *

Upload your sample menu here:

Additional Applicant Information:

Answering these questions is voluntary. Information will be kept confidential and is intended for use solely in connection with record keeping and equal opportunity purposes.

You will NOT be penalized for refusal to answer.

Do you have a disability, which means a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities?

Are you a Veteran?

Marital Status:

Annual Household Income:

Optional Submission Documents:

Professional References:

Please provide any written professionals references from individuals, unrelated to you (not a friend or family member), that has purchased food from or done business with you.
Business/Marketing Plan:

Please provide a business and/or marketing plan that outlines your target consumer audience, your sales goals, branding and marketing for your product, and your growth projections for the next few years.
Thank you for applying to  
Jamaica Food Entrepreneurship and Services Training Space
(Jamaica FEASTS)!
We will review your application and will contact you if selected for the interview process.
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